Lighting Installations – Interior And Exterior

Exterior lighting can add a lot of curb appeal to your property. It can make your building or home look opulent at night and increase the value of your property.

The style of the lighting should complement the architecture of the building. For example, Cape style homes work well with sconces above the door and barn lights are great over garage doors on farmhouse and bungalow styles.


The primary function of any lighting system is to create a bright and inviting environment for guests and family members. However, it should also serve to keep everyone safe as they move around the home at night. Having the proper exterior lighting will prevent people from tripping or falling on things left out in the yard, such as a kid’s bike, a BB-9E Droid that someone forgot to bring inside, a pile of firewood, or even the trashcans. It will also make it easier to see any children or pets walking around the yard after dark.

For commercial properties, having the proper lighting will also improve safety for employees and visitors. It is important for all facilities to have adequate emergency lighting in case of an evacuation, especially when the property is operating at night. The team at WLS can help make sure that the building’s exterior is well-lit and meets all applicable codes for egress lighting, making it safe for anyone to enter or exit during an emergency.

Another way that lighting can improve safety is by making it more difficult for potential burglars to sneak up on a house. By having a bright, well-lit exterior, it sends the message that the house is occupied and not to be disturbed. It will also illuminate any hiding spots for trespassers and makes it harder to see where they are heading, making them less likely to attack.

The right lights will also make it easier for people to navigate your property after dark, especially if the area is wooded or there are any steps on the property. Having low intensity ground level lighting along sidewalks and walkways will allow people to see where they are going without causing any light pollution or overshadowing the areas that are being lit up. Timers, sensors, and other controls can be used to ensure that the lights turn on at a consistent time each evening and shut off at the same time each morning, which will help save energy. In addition, the lighting should be well-positioned so that it is not creating any shadows on the house that could conceal intruders.

Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is a term that is often thrown around, and for good reason. It is a measure of how attractive your home looks from the street, and it can affect your property's value. Increasing your curb appeal can be done by making upgrades to areas of the house that are outdated or unsightly, and it can also be accomplished through the use of exterior lighting installations.

Exterior lighting installation is important because it can help highlight features of your home that you want to be noticed, and it can create a pleasing ambiance at night. However, you should make sure that you have a professional do the work, especially when it comes to installing lights outside your home. Electrician Delray Beach will be able to ensure that your lights are properly installed and that they are set up in such a way as to create the best possible ambiance for your home.

In addition to enhancing the look of your home, exterior lighting can also be helpful for safety purposes. If you have a pathway that is sloped or contains steps, adding lighting to that area can prevent people from tripping and falling on their way up or down the stairs. Lighting can also be a great deterrent to potential break-ins and other unwanted visitors who may be looking for an opportunity to steal items from your property.

Another way that exterior lighting can improve your home's curb appeal is by providing a place for you and your family to relax after a long day. Having outdoor seating is a great way to do this, and it can be enhanced by having some outdoor lighting installed. This can be done in the form of a light that shines downward on the seating area, or it could be a small light that is installed underneath your flagpole to keep it illuminated at night.

Curb appeal is important for both homeowners and prospective home buyers, because it gives a good first impression of the property and its owners. If a home's exterior appears clean and well cared for, it will lead the buyer to believe that the interior is just as nice. This can help to increase the likelihood of a sale, and it can also help a seller avoid having to lower their asking price due to a disappointing interior.


Providing your home with the proper exterior lighting will not only improve its aesthetic but also help keep you and your family safe. Whether you want to add light to your driveway, walkways or to highlight a tree or garden feature, there are many options available. We can work with you to create a system that meets your goals and your budget.

A commercial electrical lighting design that incorporates outdoor lights enhances safety, security, curb appeal and versatility for employees, clients or customers of a business. Outdoor lighting can be used to light up parking garages, loading docks and drop-off stations for those who visit your facility at night. It can also be used to illuminate pathways, hallways and walkways around the building for pedestrian safety and to highlight landscaping, statues, wayfinding signs and other architectural features on your property.

When it comes to installing exterior lighting, you need to be thoughtful about the reason you want it installed. Typically, homeowners install exterior lighting for one of four reasons: safety, security, curb appeal or versatility. Homeowners can install small pathway lighting to make walking in the dark safer or motion sensor lighting outside their homes to deter trespassers from entering.

Exterior lighting can also be used to enhance a home’s architecture by highlighting unique brick patterns, second story features and walls or even fountains and water features. A simple up or down wash of lighting on a wall can make it look unique and can really bring out its beauty.

Before attempting to install any type of exterior lighting, make sure the power is turned off to the fixture and that you are using a work box when applicable. It’s also a good idea to read the installation instructions and tips that come with your lighting fixtures and consult any documentation from the manufacturer. While working on an electrical project, always use a qualified electrician for all wiring. To protect yourself, be sure to wear protective equipment such as gloves and eye protection. When the job is completed, all electrical devices must be tested and verified by a qualified electrician.


People often associate lighting with aesthetics in that it can create a good look for a living space. Brighter lights may be able to energize or uplift the mood in a room or area, while dimmer lights might have a more soothing or relaxing effect. This is one of the most important factors to consider when installing an interior or exterior lighting installation.

Aesthetics is the human appreciation of beauty and art. It is an area of study that can include art history, music, and literature. It also refers to a particular look or style that can be applied to the design of a home, garden, or other type of structure.

Interior and exterior lighting can make a home more appealing after dark, and can also be used to highlight any architectural or landscaping features that add curb appeal. Having exterior lighting can also help keep homeowners safe by allowing them to see any obstacles or potential hazards, such as steps or stairs, after dark.

Commercial electrical lighting is necessary for any business, but can be even more important outside the building itself. With the addition of outdoor lighting, customers and employees can feel safe and secure when visiting a business in the evening or at night.

Besides adding safety, a commercial electrical lighting installation can also improve the appearance of a property and enhance the night-scape of the surrounding neighborhood or city. The right light fixtures can brighten up a dull cityscape and give the area a more welcoming feel.

Exterior lighting is designed to illuminate areas around a building and can be set up for uplighting, downlighting, or a combination of both. Uplighting is when a light is installed that shines mainly upwards, illuminating whatever it is above. Downlighting is when a light is installed underneath something, such as a flagpole, shining downwards onto the object below it. Many lighting plans use a mix of both types of lighting to provide the best possible illumination for an area. This also helps prevent over-illuminating a space, which can be just as bad as under-illuminating it.

Exterior lighting can add a lot of curb appeal to your property. It can make your building or home look opulent at night and increase the value of your property. The style of the lighting should complement the architecture of the building. For example, Cape style homes work well with sconces above the door and…